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At our medical center, we use all types of scleral lenses. When referring to keratoconus scleral lenses – it isn’t always possible to point at the best particular lens. Remember that in any case of keratoconus the condition of the cornea, the angle of the sclera, the area of the limbus is different in each patient.

We’re using a large variety of scleral lenses providing health, visual acuity, to the best fit for each patient.

Soft keratoconus lenses

Soft keratoconus contact lenses constitute the second medical line after receiving glasses. For the least severe cases, it’s possible to apply layered soft contact lenses and then designated soft contact lenses. Additionally, soft contact lenses are given in cases when patients developed an intolerance for rigid contact lenses.

Layered soft lenses (for astigmatism treatment) provide better comfort than other contact lenses, but they’re limited to moderate cases. Thick soft contact lenses can provide a partial or a complete solution to irregular astigmatism in the keratoconus. While patients with a large conus will make use of soft contact lenses with a larger diameter.

In the initial and stable stages of early keratoconus, regular layered soft contact lenses can provide a feeling of visual acuity, while special contact lenses also provide a solution for more advanced (medium) stages.


On the appropriate cases for using soft lenses, there are occasionally healthy advantages in using them – there’s an advantage in the degree of effect on the cornea’s health and staining.

In a research conducted by Pharmradaz in 2012, and published in the journal CLAO, 944 eyes that applied soft contact lenses (KaraSoft) were tested for keratoconus compared to those who wore rigid contact lenses (Rose K2).


The researchers tested many variables, including visual acuity, duration of wear, the patient’s age the stage of the contact complications.

They found that the soft contact lenses (KaraSoft) provided similar visual acuity to rigid contact lenses (Rose K2) and even provided a better cornea staining profile (less staining in the cornea).


Hybrid keratoconus contact lenses

Hybrid contact lenses for keratoconus

What is a hybrid keratoconus contact lens?

A hybrid  contact lens is a rigid contact lens in its center covered with a soft contact lens

Who is the hybrid contact lens for?

The hybrid contact lens is appropriate for cases of coronal corneas, keratoconus, rings and post cornea surgeries. Additionally, a hybrid contact lens will be appropriate for patients wearing rigid contact lenses who aren’t satisfied with their comfort and in cases when applying to piggyback or scleral lenses damage the eye or cause abnormal blurring in vision after removal.



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