Dr Nir Erdinest-Ten facts regarding scleral contact lenses

The keratoconus center Dr. Nir Erdinest has compiled 10 facts regarding scleral contact lenses. Scleral contact lenses have undergone a real revolution in their raw material and their design in recent years. Scleral contact lenses provide an answer to the spectrum of corneal problems, eye diseases and other extensive uses. The following is a list of facts regarding scleral contact lenses:

  • Scleral contact lenses are being used for over 130 years
  • Through history the knowledge and technology of scleral contact lenses has expanded in Europe
  • Scleral contact lenses are essentially the most expansive type of contact lenses
  • Scleral contact lenses are great for medical conduct – usage of the medicine in the lens fluid reservoir
  • In Israel there are 2 scleral lens companies – Soflex and Toplens Varsano
  • Scleral contact lenses have various uses such as for visual improvement, corneal protection, cosmetic use and sports use
  • In the movies, scleral contact lens is very common especially in making different eyes (the lens is stable and therefore isn’t noticeable when blinking) and for stuntmen in movies or paratroopers who require eye protection from dust and dirt particles
  • The first scleral contact lenses were made out of glass
  • A full-sized scleral contact lens reaches a diameter of 24mm which is almost 3 times larger than a regular rigid contact lens
  • With special adjustment and also in the perforation of the scleral lens, it is possible to maintain a tear pump) the lens fluid goes out and enters again)
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