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What is the treatment of keratoconus?

Treatment is cross-link (Cross Linking) – activating enzyme that causes cross-linking (Liesl Aoksignz) manages to stop keratoconus.

How is the diagnosis keratoconus?

The main diagnosis is done by mapping the cornea, especially thinking corneal mapping rear view, dynamics (changes to the mapping mapping) and Hdkkot Bottom of the cornea. Corneal mapping for detecting the disease also caused the pre-clinical stage and before the onset of signs (before mapping the cornea at the time of diagnosis was late, already appeared cornea light reflex changes such as numbers retinoscopy, protrusion of the cornea, Hdkkoth, and Htztlkoth). The disease may be subclinical (hidden or sub-clinical), clinical or who determines the classification of the disease is the ophthalmologist by results of mapping the cornea and corneal test.

What processes occurring disease keratoconus?

Etiology or pathogenesis of the disease and weaker stems from changes in the biomechanics of specific layers of the cornea. The disease is increasing the power center of the cornea, a clear asymmetry in the curve between the top and bottom (when the bottom more convex) and meridian is tilted relative curved line Hhorizontli. The changes bring non-corneal irregular astigmatism irregular creates high. Currently there is a very short therapy prevents the progression of the disease where treatment is treatment of lymph crosslink or Kroslinking (cross-linking).
Named stromal layer of the cornea (the most thick middle layer) exist in many processes of cell death (Afoftosis), also the epithelial layer (the outermost layer of the cornea). Even serious situations Scbht Hboamn (the layer under the epithelium) may rupture. Generally speaking that the disease keratoconus have more activity Enzyme Frotaolitiim (Proteolytic enzymes-Enzyme Which catalyze protein degradation processes) and less delay of the delay activity Enzyme Frotaolitiim. This imbalance causes the destruction of the cornea similar to osteoporosis where there is more destruction than construction process of the bone.

What is the definition of keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a disease characterized by weakening two-ocular corneal tissue, corneal thinning and corneal ballet (the form of fines and hence the name of the disease).

What are the characteristics of disease keratoconus?


The disease is usually characterized by adolescence. Classical features of the disease are blurred vision and abnormal increase in the intensity of astigmatism (Cylinder is the refractive correction) more frequently than normal.

What are the side effects of contact lens wearers keratoconus type Sklrliot?

Side effects and difficulties among contact lens wearers Sklrliot keratoconus are difficulty downloading and clouding vision lenses or blurred vision resulting from an accumulation Dibritim, proteins and precipitation in the middle of the lens to the cornea (liquid) or the lens itself.

Is Keratoconus genetic? How common is keratoconus?

Keratoconus has a genetic link keratoconus (approximately 10-15% of all cases) prevalence is estimated at 1: 2000

Is there a difference between a link rapid link crosslink crosslink normal?

There was no difference in amount of astigmatism (cylinder) and quantities Kratotzitim


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