All you need to know about keratoconus contact lenses Dr. Nir Erdinest

Keratoconus contact lenses help maintain maximal visual acuity while providing comfort and maintaining eye area health in general and the cornea in particular.

In recent years, the raw materials, technology and convenience of contact lenses for keratoconus have improved significantly.

Currently, keratoconus contact lenses have revolutionized the treatment and quality of life for keratoconus patients.

The application of keratoconus contact lenses is an absolute treatment for keratoconus disease with the main objective to maintain visual acuity while ensuring ease of use and protecting the cornea from possible damages from the application of the lenses.

The medical treatments for keratoconus are adapted for the severity of the disease and include crosslinking, ring or rings transplantation, full or partial cornea transplantation.

So is the contact lens treatment for keratoconus (from soft lenses to scleral lenses) are graded according to the severity of the disease. Achieving vision acuity and maintaining the cornea by applying contact lenses can delay and even suppress invasive keratoconus treatments.

The golden rule for applying keratoconus contact lenses

The golden rule in adapting keratoconus contact lenses has to do with those three factors: eye health in general and cornea health in particular, visual acuity and maximum comfort, or in accordance with the laws of logic which are the guiding principle of the keratoconus center:

A. The keratoconus contact lens will maintain the health of the eye and the cornea in particular.
B. The keratoconus contact lens will provide maximal visual acuity and comfort as long as it does not damage section “A”.
C. The keratoconus contact lens will allow application for a long period of time as long as it does not affect section “A” or “B”.

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